Eden Island

Make Paradise your home.


                                Panoramic view of Eden Island from Mahe - July 2010

                                                               Panoramic view of Eden Island from Mahe July 2010


Imagine owning part of Paradise. Imagine living on a private island, with secluded beaches, a world-class commercial precinct, international marina capable of handling super-yachts as well as a range of activities and leisure facilities for your exclusive use.

Now you can.

Introducing Eden Island in the Seychelles. A residential marina development featuring more than 450 freehold title luxury apartments, spacious maisons and private villas, each with its own mooring, Eden Island is more than you can possibly imagine.  

It is luxury beyond measure. It is freedom, adventure, passion and tranquillity, all within your grasp. It is residency of the Seychelles for you and your family.

Situated just off the coast of Mahé Island, it is your opportunity.
Use it.



Live the island life

Life on Eden Island will be in tune with the rest of the Seychelles. Firstly it will be relaxing, luxurious, peaceful and even lazy. Isn’t that what island living is about? Basking in the sun, dipping into cool pools or diving into a crystal clear ocean?

It is. But because it is the Seychelles, because it is Eden Island, it will also be much more. It will feature leisure facilities, fun activities for the whole family, a commercial precinct with a host of international shops, an international marina opening up the ocean to yachtsmen, divers and sailors alike.

It will be a life of discovery beyond Eden Island itself. Part of an archipelago of more than 116 picture perfect islands, Eden Island is only the beginning of a lifelong journey of exploration. From the islands, forests, the pristine white beaches, local cultures, exotic cuisine and gentle ocean to an underwater world rich with sea creatures, it is an island adventure that should be lived. Make it your own.   


The principles of design

Design isn’t something that just happens. It evolves, adapts and is created through various influences.

The architectural design of Eden Island is based on a melting pot of ethnic diversity found in the Seychelles, having evolved from French, Victorian, African, Indian and even Chinese ancestry. It has absorbed skills, customs and styles into a culture that is today distinctly Seychelles.

It is this character, these colours and design elements together with the inspiration created through the ocean, forests, boulders and beaches that were used in the conception of Eden Island.

Created by utilizing the universal principles of design by renowned South African architects Dennis Moss & Associates, Eden Island mirrors Seychelles culture. Colours reflect the islands – from green, brown and blue to white, utilizing the textures of sand, granite, coral and soil – it is an exploration of nature.

Homes are spacious, with large verandas, high-pitched red roofs and feature breathtaking views over mountains, ocean, forests and nearby islands like Cerf and Ste. Anne. There are almost no boundaries between the outside and the ample inside, with big open doors and large windows inviting nature inside to become part of your home.

It is designed with purpose, with relevance and with history. It portrays a sense of place, a sense of style and originality. Promoting harmony and balance, it is design that lends as much from the traditional as it does from the here and now – a modern vision that is clearly rooted in the Seychelles vernacular.





There are three types of properties on Eden Island all if which are designed for relaxed Island living, these are:

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Facilities & recreational activities

Even though life on Eden Island will be relaxed, there will be more than enough recreational activities and modern facilities to keep you and your family busy all year long.

Activities like tennis, a gymnasium as well as several swimming pools situated around the island. You can sunbathe on any of the secluded beaches, enjoy a leisurely drink at the bar or simply relax in the exclusive resident’s lounge or the marina club. And to keep the kids safely entertained on the island, there is a private Kids Club, specifically for residents’ children.

And that doesn’t even include all the swimming, diving, sailing, hiking, wind-surfing, snorkelling, fishing and exploring that you can do just off the island. There are more than 116 islands to discover and a whole ocean of possibilities. Make it an adventure every day.




International shopping on your doorstep

Eden Island will be a living community. As such, the developers of Eden Island had to incorporate living space, people’s daily requirements as well as international expectations as part of the design.

The entire island is therefore created around communal living principles found in villages throughout the world. These include communal spaces, beaches, pathways, vegetation, and of course a commercial section, making it a fully integrated, self-sufficient community where you will be able to get anything you could possibly want without ever having to leave the island.

The modern commercial precinct on the island will feature an international shopping experience unlike anything else in the Seychelles. From a supermarket, delis, boutiques and coffee shops to sport shops, banking facilities and massage parlours, it will be everything a modern shopping centre should be.