Currency and Money

The currency of the Seychelles is the Seychelles rupee 'SCR' (in the local Creole language - Seychellois / "Seselwa" - "Roupi"), which was introduced in 1914 alongside the Mauritian rupee and equaled the same value.

The Seychelles rupee (SCR) was initially linked to a basket of foreign currencies (Euro, US Dollar and UK Sterling) but was then floated in 2008 and has since fluctuated freely.

The notes are made up of the denominations; 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500 rupees and the coins are; 1, 5, 10 and 25 cents and 1, 5 rupees.

The rupee can be calculated against another currency on this website:

Before 2008, visitors to Seychelles could only pay in FOREX (such as Euros, US Dollars or UK sterling) but since the SCR is now freely floated, any visitor may pay in SCR in any establishment; this is up to the discretion of the visitor.

There are many cashpoint machines dotted around the islands of Seychelles (mainly on Mahé but also in the banks and at the airports of Praslin and La Digue) which will accept your Visa, MasterCards and American Express, although not all machines accept all cards so you may have to have a bit of a look around (as a tip, the machine at the airport and the one next to the clock tower in the town centre, both on Mahé, tend to accept most.)

It's best not to carry too much cash and most establishments will accept credit cards. There is very little crime in Seychelles but petty theft is a problem worldwide so be careful of your belongings on the beaches and lying around etc.

If you would like to take travellers' cheques, the best would be in Euros, US dollars and UK Sterling. These can be changed at many of the banks and airports, (some hotels). Please make sure that they are an authorised dealer.