Bird Island is the other island, along with Denis, which is a coral sand cay (of 1 square kilometre) situated just over 90 kms north of Mahé and a very rare island even by Seychelles standards due to the incredible attraction that arrives every year without fail.

Bird used to called 'Ile aux Vaches' (Island of cows) due to the numerous sea-cows or 'dudongs' (which are no longer there) that lived in the surrounding waters, but the English renamed it after the millions of birds that flock to the island each year to build their nests - an incredible phenomena to see. From May to October it becomes a nesting site for millions of birds of all species (sanderling, greater and lesser sandplover, turnstone and swallow) but in particular the 'sooty tern'.

Since 1967 Bird Island has been privately owned and there is one hotel / lodge on the island where you can stay, which has 24 individual chalets (each with double bed and possibilty of an extra bed in each chalet either for an adult or 1 / 2 children), and offers different rates depending on the time of year and how long you stay for. (Guys, you will need to take a pair of long trousers if you want to eat in the bar / lounge after 19h00). There is a small shop where you can pick up a few souvenirs (and sun cream if you've forgotten!) and they accept all major credit cards. Please note that there is no air-con, swimming pools or telephones / Internet in rooms (you can access email etc in their office) - this is an old coconut plantation and very nature friendly. The beaches are wonderful and swimming is a pleasure in the warm waters all around the island.

There are daily charter flights (only 10 kgs of luggage per person on these smaller flights) from Mahé which cost around 250 Euros return (infants free) (a return flight is booked for you by the lodge once you make the reservation with them) or you can arrive by boat if you're heading that way or helicopter which is more expensive.