Silhouette, although only home to approximately 200 hundred people, is the third largest island (5km x 5km), protected from development for many years due to its surrounding coral reef rendering landing a difficult process.

Today a long pier eases this process, along with a small port on the side of Labriz (the only hotel on the island), which has enabled the island to become more accessible to both Seychellois and visitors.

This island is a true nature-lovers' paradise with many people coming to visit just to climb one of the paths up through the forest to the summit of Mount Dauban, passing along the way the many indigenous plants and rare trees (such as the 'Bwa Sandal' which is only found on Silhouette). The island is also home to the Sheath-tailed bats, the last known area in Seychelles.

In August 2010, the President of Seychelles, James Michel, held a ceremony on the island at La Passe to open Silhouette National Park. 93 percent of the island is protected area, otherwise known as National Park.

Whether you desire an active morning's stroll through the wilderness or a quiet afternoon's snooze on one of the many beautiful beaches, Silhouette is bound to enchant you.