The Ultimate Seychelles Wildlife Safari: Spotting Rare Species Up Close


Experience the rich biodiversity of Seychelles on an unforgettable wildlife safari

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1. Observe Rare Land Birds at Aride Island

Hop aboard a boat to Aride Island, a designated nature reserve known for its rich birdlife. Witness various species of land birds including the Seychelles Warbler, Magpie Robin, and Fodies, all thriving in their protected habitat.


2. Explore Curieuse Island's Giant Tortoise Sanctuary

Head to Curieuse Island, home to a sanctuary for giant tortoises. Stroll through trails surrounded by lush vegetation and interact with these ancient creatures, gaining insight into conservation measures aimed at protecting them.


3. Take a Guided Safari in the Ste. Anne Marine National Park

Book a guided safari in the Ste. Anne Marine National Park, where you'll explore the pristine coral reefs, encounter colorful fish species, and get a chance to spot the endangered hawksbill turtles and the elusive dugongs.


4. Visit Cousin Island Special Reserve

Visit the Cousin Island Special Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a habitat for endangered bird species like the Seychelles Magpie Robin and the Seychelles Brush Warbler. Take guided tours to witness conservation efforts up close.


5. Capture Wildlife Moments on Vallée de Mai Photography Tours

Join photography tours in Vallée de Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to capture incredible images of endemic species such as the Seychelles Black Parrot and the Seychelles Bulbul. Expert guides will help you optimize your photography skills.


6. Experience Sea Turtle Nesting on Bird Island

Step onto Bird Island during nesting season and witness the breathtaking moment when sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. Be part of conservation initiatives and understand the challenges faced in protecting these endangered reptiles.


7. Spot the Seychelles Sunbird at Anse Lazio

Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the pristine shores of Anse Lazio, one of Seychelles' most beautiful beaches. Take the opportunity to spot the enchanting Seychelles Sunbird, which hovers around the flowering takamaka trees.


8. Explore Silhouette Island's Diverse Ecosystem

Venture to Silhouette Island and discover its diverse ecosystem encompassing lush forests, pristine beaches, and vibrant coral reefs. Encounter an array of wildlife, including rare bird species, sea turtles, and giant tortoises in this untouched paradise.