Denis and Bird Island are the only two islands in Seychelles which are coral sand cays rather than either granitic, as most of the main inhabited islands, or coral, as many of the outer islands.


Denis island, named after the Frenchman 'Denis de Trobriand' who arrived on the island in 1773, is found on the edge of the Seychelles Bank which drops down to a depth of 2000 metres and about 34 miles from Pralsin. Denis de Trobriand claimed the island in the name of the King of France and buried a bottle with the 'Act of Possession' contained within (still unfound).

It is a peaceful island well-known for its big game fishing, filled with coconut palms and surrounded almost entirely by a dazzling white beach and clear blue waters. The east, south and south-west of the island is surrounded by a coral reef which protects the beaches and forms a warm and shallow lagoon, pefert for swimming

Far removed from the world of technology, a wonderful place to relax and explore nature.


 ?Denis Island at sunset?